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About Us

Founded in 2012 by artists from the famous Malabar company, Cie Tac O Tac is naturally oriented towards street theatre.
For 10 years the company has been staging shows combining performance, humor, dance, music and theatre.

These creations make it possible to highlight the pneumatic stilts of which the company has become the world reference through its shows and its training.

During this decade the company had the chance to produce its creations in the 4 corners of the globe, to translate them into 5 languages for 18 countries visited:

Romania, Italy, Poland, France, Ireland, United States, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Russia, Iran, Austria, Kingdom of Bahrain, Belgium, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden

10 years later, the company has kept the same goal of creating shows for everyone in order to invite different people around the arts and their power to bring people together.



Brice Butane

Actor -  Stilt walker


Samy Duvent

Stilt walker


Mathieu Bonnenfant

Actor - Stilt walker


Anaïs Jacqua 

Dancer - Stilt walker


Karim Rande



Aurore Leonard

Dancer - Actor

Photo Tac o Tac Jet Pack.jpg

Sophie Cravoisier

Actor - Stil walker


Hugo Shouler

Dancer - Stilt walker

(dé)filé BnR-30.jpeg

Elodie Sellier

Costume designer

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