About Us

The Cie Tac O Tac was create by two multidisciplinary artists :

Karim RANDE (Propane) and Brice DURAND (Butane)

Stilts walkers since lot of year, they stand out on pneumatics stilts.
They mix dance, acrobatics and hand to hand to show you’ve never seen before. Their balance, strenght and poetry create an explosive, sweet and unforgettable universe.

In 2010 they began with duo for Fournales, word leader in pneumatics stilts manufacturing.

In 2011 they create the first act with hand to hand and acrobatics on pneumatics stilts. A breathtakingly prowess; nobody has ever done that before.
During the same year they were called to realize a big project:

The movie Snow White (Mirror Mirror) with Julia Roberts. They worked as pneumatic stilts trainers for famous stunt men acting in the movie, created acrobatic fights on stilts and entertained the staff.

After that they attended a stilts meeting in Belgium where stilt walkers from all over the World discovered modern stilts and their aerial possibilities.

In 2012 they present their first creation :

                                                      Special Conquest

A funny story of the sky conquest for three Russian explorers who want to be the first humans on the moon.
The show has been performed in Roumania, France, Irland, Usa, Spain, Netherland, and it now available.