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Begginer Trainning

In this proposal our structure hopes to make known and promote the Street Arts through the making of a circus tool (the stilts), its learning and its implementation during a street parade.


Since the creation of our company, stilts are our favorite tools, a specialty that has allowed us to tour the world as part of our shows but also as part of their teachings. We have given stilt courses in Cape Verde, Kosovo, Macedonia, the United States, Canada, Greece and of course France.


It is for us a bridge of fabulous social links that crosses codes, languages, ideologies and leaves room for the universal language of the arts.


Moreover it is a very accessible practice, our trainees are between 5 to 70 years old and come from all possible universes.



As shown in the photo below at AY (51) where we see children of the MJC aged 5 to 7 years in full course to prepare for the Henry IV holiday parade.






1: Raise awareness


In order to sensitize the future participants it is essential that they can meet us upstream. For this a first appointment must be made with the different structures likely to bring participants (MJC, neighborhood houses, educators ...) but also to open the door to those who are not part of any association because for us, cultural action is above all a means of expression for those who do not have one. For this an invitation can be posted in the shops.


During this meeting we will discuss what street theater is because it is still unknown by many and often misunderstood. We will insist on its universal access, which differentiates it from others, on the fact that it happens on the street and that by definition everyone can have access to it. It is also important to say that we are fortunate to live in the country of Street Theater and that nowhere else is it better and more represented.


Finally it will be for us to present our project for the neighborhood and the message we want to convey is that we want to accompany volunteers in the creation of a parade of which they will be the actors.


2: Experiment


In our project this phase takes place in two stages:



  1. Building a pair of stilts

  2.  The practice of stilts



1. Building a pair of stilts:


The first step of this workshop is the manufacture of a pair of stilts in its entirety with the help of all the participants. During the first half day we make a pair together from start to finish. The participants take part in this activity to the extent of their skills, the most handy of them will be able to make themselves stilts at the end of this workshop.


To save time the other pairs will have been built beforehand.


The educational objectives:


- To build wooden stilts, functional, using simple and cheap materials.

ateleir 2.png
ateleir 1.png

Mostly made of wood, these stilts are quite basic and functional. They have been well proven in several workshops in many countries for adults and children. The bindings on the feet and calf are on this model provided by straps and are adjustable to all templates.


Their height may vary according to the age of the participants (Child 25 cm / Teen, Adult 50 cm).






    2. The practice of stilts



Now that pairs of stilts are built, it's time to move on to Step 2, using them.


The second part of the workshop will be devoted to learning stilts. For this we will set up several educational workshop. Each participant is guided from the beginning by a trainer and his safety is ensured by another participant with whom he alternates stilt passages until each finds his autonomy. A set of exercises will allow everyone to be quickly stable and scalable exercises will accompany participants to more artistic movements.


For the safety of all a protection kit, wrists, knees, elbows is provided.



The educational objectives:


-Find its autonomy on stilts, know the different movements and techniques to practice both sporting and artistic.



An example of application is the manufacture and learning of stilts with children from the community fabric of the city of Ay (51). Aged 6 to 11 years old. 15 children attended the workshops to perform a parade in the street on the feast day Henry IV. The project involved several two-day workshops.


3: Live


The last part of this project is to use the stilts that we made and the know-how we acquired to produce a parade of which we are the actors.


The last stilt courses will be devoted to choreography and character.




In order to make the parade, the Company will make available a "Jet Pack" with sound so that the universe is supported by a musical atmosphere.


The purchase and the making of costume and accessories will complete the scenography and allow participants to enjoy the real conditions of a professional show to highlight their work.

Video presentation of cultural action projects at Portes Ferrées
(Limoges Popular District France)
Work in Progress
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