Phare Ouest

The ecological fable announced by all has reached its climax. The world may have changed, but it is still full of magic and fantasy.

This is the message carried by the crew of Phare Ouest, a hybrid vessel born of the resilience of surviving gipsies.

They have stopped contemplating an environment that must be preserved at all costs because ecology is a science of consequences. They are already in the aftermath!

You won't know where they came from or where they are going, they are but an anachronism, a projection.

Guided by a burly captain at the helm of a makeshift ship, they are with you to bring together humans, communities, genres, beliefs... around creativity, art, music and performance.

Phare ouest log v3 avec fond blanc paillette.jpg

Acrobats/Actor on pneumatic stilts

1 Lady on stilt

1 Captain/Actor driving the hybride ship with sound system

1 hybride ship illuminated with powerful noise system

Format :
2 Parades x 45 minutes  or 1 Parade x 1h30

Walking show with small choreographed sequence

Transportation : 

From Limoges (87), FRANCE


1 van and 1 berline (1,10 euros/km)


Accommodation and meal :  
From D-1 to D+1 for the team, single rooms and hot food.

A full proposal will be send for all request. Inquire the date and the place of the show.