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Pneumatic Stilt

Crédit Photo Jeoffrey François & Les Jumeaux

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The stilts are today a means of artistic expression recognized and expected by many professionals of the show. The rebound stilts, animated by a compressed air system, allow the confirmed wader to tackle a whole new mode of new and bold figures. This ultimate technology makes it possible to understand the balance on stilts in an even more spectacular way. The artist is less "rigid", the movements are faster (race), the choreography more precise.


The artist, the comedian, will increase his range of expression and propose new atypical and contemporary creations.


Description of the Workshop:


Entitled :

"Professional Training in Pneumatic Stilts".


Nature :

Action of acquisition and improvement.


1 week: from 05 to 09 October 2020, a total of 35 hours of lessons.


Audience (s) concerned:

10 trainer .

The professionals of the show: professional waders, artists.


Goal :

To be able to find autonomy on compressed air stilts, to understand their functioning and to acquire the techniques of use of this tool of expression. To give the trainees a knowledge of the bases of the discipline, the necessary physical preparation and the material tool, in order to practice this art in the world of the spectacle.


Reporting stakeholders:

Brice Durand - Performing professional, trainer, prowess of the Tac o Tac Company

Karim Randé - Professional entertainer, trainer, prowess of the Tac o Tac Company.



Theoretical notions exposed by the trainer.

Practical applications of acquired techniques.

Evaluation of the results by practical tests.


Training Date:

From 05 to 09 October 2020



* The training venue can accommodate the participants and provides them with an equipped kitchen.


Programme Stage Octobre 2019.png

-  Presentation of learners and trainers.

-  Presentation of the material:

         -The technical specificity of the stilt stilts

         -Disassembly, system analysis, reassembly

         -Awareness of safety concepts for the practice of stilt stilts

-   Desired direction of work, individual objectives of the trainee after the internship

-   Explanation of the biomechanics and physical preparations adequate for stilt stilt (bodybuilding of specific parts to develop, primarily for longevity,                 stretching and stretching)

These physical preparations will be practiced daily during the training, at the beginning and at the end of the day

-   Work on the ground with a mini trampoline for acrobatic vocabulary

-   Basics of rebounds, different points of body wrapping, thrust, receptions, amortization, candles with the loin, the work on the heart rate in effort, the parades between waders for the acrobatic figures. These will depend on the level of acrobatics already acquired by trainees

-   Rope jumping exercises

-   Expressive capacity development

-   Outings outdoors

        Information and analysis of the different figures already practicable and imaginary

-   Apprenticeship report


All these phases of work are exercised in progress every day.


Leary waders come with their own stilts or loan stilts can be considered


Supplies needed:

-   kneepads

-   scaphoid protect

-   Elbow protector

-    sports shoes suitable for stilts





-   Teaching method: Theoretical notions exposed by the trainers. Practical application of acquired techniques.

-   Supports provided to learners: stilt stilts

-   Technical facilities available to the learners: Workroom of 150 m2, meeting room, Internet access. Accommodation possible. Dormitory rooms, 2 bathrooms, equipped kitchen.

-   Number of trainees: 10

-   An attestation of the internship is issued at the end



Evaluation methods: Evaluation of the results by practical tests. Work report.

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