Special Conquest

From Icarus to Newton, from Sputnik to Armstrong the history of the conquest of space was written by brave, gifted and ingenious characters.

Butane and Propane (two crazy flying acrobats) now try to reach the sky and discover the Universe together with their almost flying machine, lead by Captain Gazoil.

They will fight against gravity, they will meet strange creatures, they will tell the audience their crazy project of a “Special Conquest”!

Composition :
2 Acrobats/Actor on pneumatic stilts
1 Actor driving the steampunk machine with sound system
1 Electric spacial ship with power full noise system

Format :
Resident show 30 min. The show can be preceded by a show-up.

Team :
3 Artists

Technical rider :
14 x 10 mt flat floor (non slippery)
Minimum 7 mt high
No sound system needed
Lights: 8 PAR 64 1000W, 2 for each corner

Transportation :  
Travel from Toulouse (France) by van or car and trailer (only short travel), travel expense 0,50€ / km.

Accommodation and meal :  
From D-1 to D+1 for 3 artists, single rooms and hot food.

A full proposal will be send for all request. Inquire the date and the place of the show.